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Why Use An International Power Adapter

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:09/16/2019

The international power adapter is simply a connector that changes the shape of the plug to fit the socket. International power adapter does not change the electrical current or the output. If you know that the shape of the plug is the only difference between your device and the electrical system you plan to use, all you need is an adapter. Some items come with the option of using built-in 110 volts or 220 volts. In fact, most of the appliances now have intelligent power sources that can be switched between them.


If you are planning to travel abroad, international power adapter or iec power connector is very important. Make sure to choose the international power adapter that matches the standard components of your destination. If you do not have the proper adapter or you need more than one connection adapter, you can damage your appliances.


Why International Power Adapter is Important?
There are some important differences in standards within a country or between different countries. It is important to consider these differences to choose the best power adapter


The two main current criteria are AC and DC.   The big advantage of AC is that it is able to travel great distances between power plants and that it has finally been the standard it has obtained in the United States. 


Voltage is the power by which electricity is transmitted. It is often described using an analogy of water pressure. Although there are many standards, the most common voltage standards for travelers are 110/120 volts in the United States and 220/240 volts in most European countries. If your electronics are only designed to handle a 110-volt power supply, a 220-volt release through them can be disastrous.


The alternating current frequency refers to the frequency with which the alternating current flows every second. In most cases, the standards are 60 Hertz in the United States and 50 Hertz appreciate the metric system. In most cases, the performance of the hertz is not critical, but problems can sometimes occur with devices using timers.


Plug shapes
There are different forms of components, most of the international power adapters correspond to the four most common forms A, B, C, D, etc., so you can check if you need more than the common four for your travels.


Benefits of International Power Adapters

Since the supply of energy in different countries emits currents different from those of the United States. Multiple adapters are needed to safely use electronic devices to avoid damaging them.


• These International power adapters can be used to connect any type of electronic device to ensure your safety. The United States and most Western countries use an electrical system that uses 110-120 volts. Most countries use a system between 200 and 240 volts, some use alternating current and others use direct current.

• The international power adapter is designed to allow its electronic devices to operate overseas in countries where the supply voltage is different. If you are using a device such as the iPhone or iPad, all of which use a lighting connector, you will need a special USB lighting cable or 20 amp electrical plug, which can be purchased separately.

• International power adapters are used for purposes other than electronic devices. These electronic devices include batteries, radios, digital cameras, mobile phones, CD players, various kitchen appliances and other electrical items.

• To change the voltage to its proper level, an adapter is needed. It's hard to know exactly what a particular device will do, simply because the adapter is called the same thing, but it can perform different functions.


Power adapters come in many shapes and sizes, from small and simple converters to the universal versions, covering most of the countries in the world. Make sure to choose the right one.