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We provide customers with quality electrical plugs such as electrical plug converter,international power adapter and nema power plugs with high-quality services.


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NEMA Plugs & Connectors & Receptacles

NEMA plugs connectors receptacles manufacturer.

NEMA plugs connectors receptacles manufacturer not only produce produces unique quality NEMA plug, NEMA connetctor and receptacle with UL listed, but also provide NEMA angle plugs, NEMA locking flanged inlet and outlets and so on. There are many different international standard model NEMA item we supply. Rated 15A current item, such as nema5-15p, nema6-15p, NEMA 5-15C and so on. Rated 20A current products, for example, nema5-20p, nema6-20p and nema15-20C. And the rated 30A current, including the nema5-30p, nema6-30p and nema15-30C
The full of NEMA is National Electrical Manufactures Association.

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