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We provide customers with quality electrical plugs such as electrical plug converter,international power adapter and nema power plugs with high-quality services.


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Waterproof Sockets

Guangzhou Yuadon Electric, one of the waterproof socket manufacturers, wholesale wall socket waterproof, such as a universal waterproof socket, Australian weatherproof socket, and UK outdoor electric socket, USA style waterproof socket and so on.
A weatherproof socket is a receptive connector, typically for electrical current. A receptive connector is a means a connector plug into another cord. Ordinarily, anyone exposing a powered electrical socket to water risks creating an electrical short circuit, which can be very dangerous. By using a weatherproof socket, a person can greatly reduce the risk of physical injury or equipment damage.
Only buy what is a proper item but what expensive product. Power up your garden with our range of outdoor electrical sockets and switches, available in a variety of prices to suit any DIY budget.