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Why Use 15 AMP Electrical Plug

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:09/30/2019

An electrical plug is an object located on the end of a power cord. It is used for connecting the receptacle to any electrical device. Considering the requirements of the household, the 15 amp electrical plugs are suitable. The 15 amp or 20 amp receptacle are both compatible with a device that has a 15-amp plug. The 15 amp electrical plug is beneficial for all the household appliances and accessories such as lamps. The term amp is short for the electrical term "Ampere". Considering the daily requirement of electricity, the household appliance is based on 15 amp plugs. Your daily used power tool, appliances, and lamp have 15 amp plugs. Almost all the household receptacles have a 15-amp rating as well. However, the residential garage and heavy-duty appliances require a 20 amp electrical plug.

None of the household appliances draw more than 15 amps. So, consideration of other electrical plugs such as 20 amp or 30 amp for the household can lead to wiring issues. It can also cause issues like the blowing of the breaker. Therefore, the 15 amp electrical plug is not suitable considering the UK power outlet adapter standards.

Basically, a 15 amp electrical plug has one round hole along with two rectangular slots. Majority of the household plugs are based on this type of outlet. The power socket manufacturers consider it suitable for all the household requirements. It can also cater to the higher-powered appliances for some time. It is noticeable that household electricity usage never extends from the standard limits. Thus, the 15 amp electrical plugs cannot cause any circuit overload as well. The process to add the electrical plug for 15 or 20 amp is similar as well.

* Quality: 15 amp electric plugs ensure the provision of proper current transmission and security. There is no chance of short circuit with your household based appliance. They are properly coated with the elastic and rubbers. They also protect from all sought of socks.

* Compatibility: Considering the power outlet adapter standards, the homes in the U.S uses a combination of 15 amp and 20 amp receptacles and plugs. Along with that, 120-volt circuits are considered as the standard. Houses in America have outlets that have a diverse 15-amp variety of plugs. The power socket manufacturers majorly consider the U-shaped grounding hole with two slots as the standard outlet.

* Flexibility: The 15 amp electrical plugs are majorly flexible with almost all the appliances that are used on a daily basis. It can also support power tools such as air compressors and home garages to some extent. However, 15 amp electrical plugs are recommendable for only the daily basis used appliances such as fans, lamp, lights, etc.
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