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Use Travel Adapter to Smooth Your Traveling Experience

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:07/08/2020

Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd has a whole different production line where it comes to making a travel adapter with USB port. Everyone has his or her own set of essentials these days which needed to be recharged to make the most of them. The company understands these modern needs of people. Therefore, they have been manufacturing different sorts of power plug adapter, travel adapters with USB port, USB wall sockets and many things related to that.

They have been making products that have been proved to be reliable. They are durable as the quality material is used to build them. Most of their chargers and adapters are certified by CE & RoHS and are eco-friendly. It is their continuous devotion to improve the quality that they have become the leading manufacturer in their field. All the users have given good reviews for every product and this response is good enough for them. Yuadon, a professional travel adapter manufacturer produces middle to high-end products that are constantly improved with new technology.

The international travel adapter by Yuadon comes with a USB port. You can use this travel adapter in USA, Australia, UK, Europe while traveling as this is USA/UK/AUS/EU plug type and has universal socket outlet. By having this kind of travel adapter, it will be easy for you to recharge your phone, laptop, or camera all at the same time. This travel adapter has Rated Voltage/Current 3A-6A 250V AC and the USB output of 1A 5V DC. If we talk about the design and look, it’s available in more than black and white color. One thing needs to mentioned here is that this travel adapter does not covert voltage, it only allow plug conversion.

You can charge multiple devices through it. These adapters fall in the category of smart travel adapters. By using this, you won’t even have to wait to get to your hotel room in a different country, you can recharge your devices by using this travel adapter. It is as simple as that. Now we know that different countries have different types of power plug adapters, but everyone has to use the power to charge a phone, use a hairdryer and other daily electrical devices. So, having a universal travel adapter that is compatible with the USB port would be ideal. 

Yuadon’s travel adapters with USB ports that are ideal in terms of quality. Let’s have a look at their properties.
1- These chargers or power banks are known as the USB chargers.
2- Usually USB chargers output is 5 v, the current is 1A that is enough to recharge phones, tablets, camera’s battery, trimmer, etc.
3- These adapters are convenient to use because they have 3 ports where you can recharge three things at the same time.
4- Travel adapter with USB comes in black and white color. Yuadon also could provide customized colors according to customers’ requirement.
5- These are intelligent chargers, they will supply the voltages that are needed to recharge your device and not more than that.
6- The inside structure and the outside surface is made with high quality PC and full copper and the color lasts longer.