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Universal Cassette Socket

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:12/20/2019

If you are going to live in a new home or going to get a new home constructed for you, you should know all the small basics about your home electrical systems and extensive wiring network. Where the mainline go through? Where would you place the universal cassette socket? You ought to know all of these basic questions before moving forward with the project.


There's a power service entrance through which power runs into a residential building. A power meter is used to record the number of units of electricity consumed by you. The service entrance has three wires with two wires of 120 volts each and one neutral ground wire. Through this power service entrance wires go to the electric meter situated outside your home. From the meter, the wires connect to the main service panel. The main service panel is the place that distributes the power to the entire house.


The panel has circuit breakers in place, too. Just in case of overvoltage or a short circuit, these circuit breakers do their job of disrupting the circuit so that it doesn't harm any of your precious appliances.


With an ever-connected world comes a diverse range of products. This includes electrical appliances and gadgets, manufactured from all the difference corners of the world and placed, now, into your hands; a charger with a Chinese plug, an iron with a British plug and a hair-dryer with an American plug. It is a frustrating to use difference types of plugs at once, and it gets even more complicated when you’re travelling. Your adapter socket doesn’t work for all your electronics, and they break or no longer work within a couple of months. Yuadon’s Universal Cassette Socket gives a simple yet excellent solution to this inconvenience. 


The universal socket is small, light and extremely durable-in fact, Yuadon gives a one-year guarantee to it! It can be ordered in bulk for your home, office/workplace or school/university. Yuadon’s convenient product can be plugged directly onto any electrical outlet to be used with appliances with up to 13A amperage. Chinese plugs, American Plugs as well as UK plugs can be used with the Universal Cassette Socket, allowing any appliance to be plugged quickly and conveniently to any outlet. Designed with high quality nylon and 100% copper, and manufactured with extensive quality control and eco-friendly production, Yuadon truly gives you the best possible solution.


Ordering is simple online through the website. Shipping is quick and international by air, sea and express with the lowest possible shipping costs. The product can be ordered in bulk in any amount desired as per needed for your home, apartment, office or educational institute. There are also multiple payment options for you convenience such as PayPal and T/T.


Yuadon’s Universal Cassette Socket is just what you need to make the most out of all your electrical gadgets and appliances and can be ordered from anywhere, at any time, for any kind of use.