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UK To European Plug Manufacturers: The Helpers For Any Travelers

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:03/16/2020

Every frequent traveler knows the importance of adapters when they travel throughout different countries. The most important thing is when they go from UK to other countries of Europe, like Germany. This is when important companies like UK to European plug manufacturers come into the picture, an example of a prime manufacturer is the one that goes by the name of Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. (Yuadon in short).

They are a power receptacle manufacturer that was established in 2009, they specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling wall socket, international power adapter, power connector and more. Their products are located in the middle to high-end bracket as they are made of top quality materials. The product we will be talking in this article is UK To Germany Travel Adapter British Socket Universal To Schuko Plug 2 In 1 Waterproof Adapter.

As the name suggests it is an UK to European plug adapter which has been entirely developed by Yuadon Electric Company. A great quality that differentiates Yuadon from other plug manufacturers is that they possess international quality certifications, like ROHS/BS8546.

Some features to know about this item is that it’s made 100 percent out of solid brass and with a copper pin that are very durable. Their materials are endorse by the manufacturer as eco-friendly and safe to use in every country as well as very durable. The small sizing of the adapter makes it very portable and super easy to transport everywhere to every trip.

Even though Yuadon is certain that their products are made out of the highest quality they provide their sellers with a one-year guarantee service to make their costumers more comfortable with their decision of buying their products. It’s important to remark that in their company they have a very strict quality control in the production processing that ensures the long lasting life of the adapter. On top of that all of Yuadon’s products have international certificates that makes certain the high quality of the items they manufacture and sell.

Something very important to understand about this product is that it is a charger adapter plug that is able to only convert the power outlet. So it is not recommended to use it with any high power appliances such as hair dryer, straightener or water heater. To be able to charge items like this it’s a key factor to make sure to carry an electrical converter when travelling to other countries with different electrical output. For this way it ensures that the product will be able to be charged and function correctly.

To finalize with more descriptions of this high quality product, we will list some features of it that are important to now.

- The Rated Current is 13A and the Rated Voltage is 110~250V
- The PC material could bear stamping resistance, heat and low temperature
- The flame retardant standard is V0
- The copper used is high-phosphorus which causes good electrical conductivity and less fever.