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UK To Australia Plug Adapter: The Importance For A Comfortable Travel

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:02/27/2020

In the past few years, tourism has increased in various countries thanks to social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. Pictures have encourage more people to want to travel abroad. A thing that photos might not tell the future travelers are some electrodomestics that will make their travel much easier, like the plug adapters. This item is a must for must as they are the key for people to be able to charge their cellphone or laptop. They are definitely the most important thing for a conformable trip abroad.


With the growth and development of economic globalization, another thing besides traveling that has increased it’s the exportation and importation of electrical products, the variety is great from appliance products to also plug adapters. This works great because most of the plugs of the imported products are inconsistent with the sockets in Australia. Here is when the UK to Australia Plug Adapter are essential because they could immediately solve that problem.


Where can you get a qualified UK to Australia plug adapter?


A company that is able to deliver this high quality UK to Australia Plug Adapter product is Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co.,Ltd. (Yuadon in short). They are a professional factory that was established in 2009, which is located in Huangshi Road Guanzhou city in the Guangdong province, China. They describe themselves as an integrated enterprise with more than 100 workers who is specialized in production, sales, research and development of plug and switch products.


In their long list of products that they have available there is one that goes by the name of 10A, 240V Australian Plug Socket Travel Adapter With SAA Certificate. In the name they explain a lot of what the product is, for example that it is UK to Australia plug adapter that has been well developed and designed the rated current is of 10A and the rated voltage is of 240V AC. It has a SAA certification which means that is accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) as being an electrical equipment that has proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian Standard.


Some other things to notice is that the material of the item is environmentally friendly and fire retardant PC and the metal is solid brass. The PC material is heat resistant and low temperature resistant. It has high-phosphorus copper which is a good electrical conductor and produces less fever.
So when searching for an UK to Australia plug adapter which will make the travelling much easier from people from UK, Ireland, Hong Kong travelling to Australia this will be perfect.


Taking in consideration all of this descriptions it proves that Yuandon is a trust-worthy supplier of UK to Australia Plug Adapter because they possess certification that validates their product as having high-quality. Moreover, they have a full working website: where they go into more detail of their company which is important for possible customers because here they can see a full catalog of all their plug and switch products as well as more in depth information of them as a professional manufacturer and exporter as well as all of their certifications that ensure them as a good supplier of plug and switch products to their overseas customers. Should you have any inquiry or further question about this UK to Australia plug adapter or other products, please feel free to contact their sales team at