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Types of NEMA power plug and cords

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:01/10/2019
Nema power plugs are utilized in household AC electrical machines most in North America and different nations which take after the NEMA norms. There are many driving retailers of NEMA power plugs, links and strings on the web as well as stocks a wide assortment of the NEMA power cords too. 
Set up by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (N.E.M.A.), NEMA depicts different connectors utilized on power strings all through North America and some different nations. NEMA gadgets go in amperages from 15 to 60, and in voltages from 125 to 600. Extraordinary, non-compatible plug composes are made in light of particular amperages or voltages, and are each given a NEMA assignment. That way, something that calls for 125 volts can't be erroneously embedded into a 220-volt receptacle. You can get the power plugs from NEMA receptacles factory. Have a look at the nema power plugs.
nema plug receptacle

Types of NEMA power plugs and cords

Plugs named 'NEMA'- National Electrical Manufacturers Association have earned the notoriety of being an institutionalized and safe item. Investigate the kinds of NEMA Cords accessible at SF Cable alongside their details. 


NEMA 1 gadgets are 2-wire non-establishing gadgets evaluated for 120 volts. The standard 2-cutting edge plug found on a fundamental light or a non-grounded PC power line by NEMA connector factory are both NEMA 1-15P. 


NEMA L6 Plugs are utilized for working hardcore hardware for which the voltage is 240 V. They are appraised for 250 Volts and don't offer a nonpartisan association. These plugs are utilized for two-post, three wire hot-ground circuits that have the supply of 240 or 208 Volts. 

NEMA 5-15P

NEMA 5-15P codes by NEMA connector factory are utilized to run family unit electronic things including iceboxes, climate control systems, microwaves and so on. The plugs are accessible in an assortment of voltages, current limit, width and measurements. In nations like Canada, United States and Mexico, you will discover NEMA 5-15R electrical outlet. 

NEMA 10 

NEMA 10 power strings by NEMA receptacles factory are not utilized much nowadays but rather they were very famous in the US for kitchen applications and clothing dryers before a couple of years. They fall into the hot-hot-nonpartisan classification – 125 or 250 V. 

NEMA 14 

NEMA 14 gadgets are 4-wire establishing gadgets. 14 to 30 and 14 to 50 are the regular non-securing gadgets utilized electric garments dryers or electric stoves, separately. Taking into account both 120 to 240 volts, the greatest distinction between 14 to 30 and 14 to 50 (other than the amperage) is that the 14-30 has an "L" molded best sharp edge, though the 14-50 has a straight focus cutting edge. This prohibits the incidental utilization of a 14-30 on a 14-50 receptacle. NEMA 14-50 gadgets are regularly found in RV parks for powering vast recreational vehicles. 


Considerably more normally utilized in RV parks is the NEMA TT-30. It is rated for the 125 volts, about the entirety of RV's use this 30 amp establishing gadget for power. 

Standard North American Power Cords 

Standard North American Power Cords have a few or four or five prongs. Be that as it may, NEMA power codes and plugs with two and three prongs are most normally utilized plugs. They fit with all divider outlets of the United States and Canada. You can discover 5-15, 5-20, 6-15 and 6-20 arrangements in these power cords.