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Get your hands on this travel adapter with USB port for fast charging

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:08/17/2020

For those who travel a lot know that different countries and regions have different types of power plug, so you need to get your power adapter and USB quick charger. In recent times, traveling is not limited to go somewhere and enjoy the view. It has become a whole new experience where people use a camera to take beautiful shots of the view, they use their cameras to make vlogs and record everything. Drones are also used to take aerial shots. And lastly, you need your laptop to edit all those vlogs, pictures, and recordings for further work. But all of these devices need to be recharged after a hectic day. For that, you need to have a travel adapter that can turn the high or low voltage into a reasonable amount so that your device won’t get fried.


Suppose if you are traveling from any region of America to Europe, there is bound to be different power plugs, switches and different voltages as well. In such a situation having your travel adapter will help you recharge your devices. By having a kickass travel adapter that is known as a USB quick charger, you would facilitate your electrical appliances. It can help you manage the voltage of your laptop, camera, mobile phone, trimmers, and many other things like that.


Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co. Ltd is a leading company that designs and manufactures electrical plug, adapters, and sockets. The company has been in business for years and was established in 2009. They have a large portfolio where they make travel adapters and supply them all over the world. Since trends are always changing with technology, the company is also making chargers, plugs, and sockets that are compatible with smart technology. Therefore, they have launched USB quick chargers. These chargers have universal functionality and can be used in any country of any region. Let’s have a look at this particular USB quick charger.


This universal travel adapter comes with type C that allows it to fast charge. It comes with a USB port as well. The item is named as TA55. If we look into the specification of this particular travel adaptor, we will know that it’s rated current is 6A and the rated voltage is 100 to 240V AC. The USB output is 4.5A 5V DC enough to recharge your phones, cameras, shaving machines, and laptops in a foreign land and that too very quickly. It is made with solid copper and has a housing material PC. It also has a combination of global multi-socket, phosphor bronze electrodes, gloss, high conductivity, and fast heat dissipation. The socket style is worldwide hence it is called universal. It is said to be used in more than 150 countries, so if you buy this, you are guaranteed to have no problem in 150 countries. It comes in black, white, red, blue, and pink color. This product by Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co. Ltd is certified by FCC / CE / ROHS. It is portable, affordable, and durable. It comes with a 365 days of guarantee service.