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things you need to know before buying a travel power outlet adapter

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:06/24/2020

When you are planning to travel to a different country, then be aware of the fact that your existing adapter will not work abroad. It’s because every country doesn’t have the same voltages or outlets as that of the origin country. Like if you are traveling from a European country to the UK, then you must have a universal travel adapter or a UK power outlet adapter. Otherwise, you won’t be able to charge and use your electronic devices in the UK. Yuadon’s EU To UK Plug Adaptor Schuko To British Travel Adapter  is one of the best UK power outlet adapter that you could find on the market. This power outlet adapter can provide convenience to you when you travel to the UK from European countries.

Choosing the right type of UK power outlet adapter is always a hectic and time-consuming task when you are traveling to the UK. But nothing to worry, as here in this article we will share with you a few things to help you buy the right travel power outlet adapter.

• Voltage transformers and converters
As already stated, voltages vary from country to country. So, do check your electronic devices to know whether they are multi-voltage, single-voltage, or dual-voltage. If your electronic device is single-voltage then make sure to get a power adapter that can convert voltage. Pick up a transformer or travel power converter to ensure the use of your electronic devices abroad. Voltage transformers are required when your electronic devices are single-voltage and have electronic motors, chips, or circuits. Examples of these electronic devices include TVs, desktop computers, battery rechargers, shavers, and radios.

Converters can also convert the voltage to ensure the usage of electronic devices in a country that has a different voltage. They usually have a Lo and Hi setting for balancing the quantity of energy that goes into the electronic device. The devices that normally need a converter include steam irons, hairdryers, and small fans. If your electronic devices are multi- or dual-voltage, then there is no need for a transformer or converter because they can run on both 220v and 110v power. Examples of such devices include laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, and tablets. You can easily figure out the voltage of your electronic devices with the help of their attached label.

• Plug adapter
A plug adapter doesn’t convert electricity. However, it allows a converter, a transformer, or a dual-voltage device of the origin country to be plugged into the power outlet of another country. The majority of the travel power outlet adapters accompany multiple plugs to make them usable in many countries. For instance, a UK power outlet adapter will allow you to charge your electronic devices when traveling to the UK. We suggest you buy a travel adapter before leaving your country and make sure your chosen adapter will work in the destination country. EU To UK Plug Adaptor Schuko To British Travel Adapter by Yuadon can convert the power outlet. So, make sure your electronic device has a converter when you are traveling abroad.

From where to buy travel power outlet adapter?
Yuadon is a professional socket and plug factory in China and supplies different types of travel power outlet adapters to their distributors all around the world. Yuadon complies with strict quality control in its production processing. You will never be disappointed for choosing Yuadon as your supplier.