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We provide customers with quality electrical plugs such as electrical plug converter,international power adapter and nema power plugs with high-quality services.


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The Right Way to live a Comfortable Life

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:04/30/2019

Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. is a renowned company which was established in 2009. The company manufactures various products with the aim of making the lives of people easier and more comfortable. Their company is purely production oriented and integrates sales, production, development, and research of electrical accessories.  As the company has many certifications the products that are produced are approved and tested by professionals. Yuadon is a universal socket supplier as well. They are providing products to people located in 150 countries. Their products are used for:

  • Intelligent home facilities support
  • Travel abroad
  • Medical equipment
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply
  • Car power
  • Generators
  • Oil base construction projects
  • Gymnasium
  • Stage lighting equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Communications cabinets
  • Senior villa elevators
  • Advanced audio equipment
  • On appliances machinery and equipment


Waterproof sockets

Yuadon is also a waterproof socket manufacturer. The only thing that makes waterproof sockets different from the other sockets is that they are waterproof. Water does not affect the working of these sockets at all. They are perfect for putting out garden lights or outdoor entertainment. They are protected against jets of water so you don’t have to worry about burning your expensive equipment or getting an electric shock. The hinged lids which stay shut when the plug is in provides protection against pulling when the equipment is being used. 

Benefits of waterproof sockets

Waterproof sockets are beneficial for many reasons which are provided below.

  • Convenience: For running electrical equipment outdoors usually people run cords from indoor outlets or garages. It’s not so safe or convenient. There are many risks involved in it such as electrical shortage or fire due to short circuit.  Moreover, people can also trip over the long wires.
  • Means of Entertainment: If the waterproof sockets are outdoors, you can easily plug in your entertaining equipment in them which are ready to be used. Anything can be plugged in.

Points to Remember

While installing waterproof sockets it is very important to do it strategically for safety and convenience. Keep the following pointers in mind while installing waterproof sockets.

  • Make sure you install them where they can be used more such as near patios, bars, seating areas etc. This ensures easier access.
  • Use strategic locations such as exit doors, rear entrance or lawns where lights are required.

Wall socket and wall outlet with USB

We live in a world where technology is a part of our day to day life. Smart gadgets are in use without which we can’t even imagine our lives. These gadgets need charging without which they can’t function and for that we usually use chargers. Yuadon has made wall sockets and wall outlets with USB after doing much research and testing. They charge faster and are very convenient as you can directly plug in your gadgets in the socket or outlet. You no longer have to use extra wired for charging your devices. Keep in mind to pick the one that matches your device.

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