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The Importance Of Schuko Waterproof Plugs

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:04/03/2020

Schuko waterproof plug from Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. (Yuadon in short) is a product with a lot of value as it is a high quality product with a great cost-performance ratio. This is a product from a company with 12 years of experience on the market producing high quality items such like: Schuko plug adapter, USB quick charger, Wi-Fi smart power plug, and more.

There are similar products from other companies also on the marketplace but Yuadon’s product have more benefits. All of their products have been approved and have authoritative certification, such as the United States UL, CUL, the British BS1363, Sweden SEMKO, the European Union CE, ROHS, REACH, RASH, Germany TUV, Australia SAA, RCM, China CCC, just to name a few.

Their products, including Schuko waterproof plug, have different uses some of them are: intelligent home facilities support, travel abroad, medical equipment, UPS uninterruptible power supply, car power, generators, oil base construction projects, and so on. Because of all their eye-catching attributes and reasonable price, this company ha customers which are located in more than 150 countries and regions across the world.

The product Schuko waterproof  Plug: Industrial / Factory Germany EU Rewireable Waterproof Power Plug in particular, is set to be applied in the use of for LED street light, LED display, ship lighthouse, communication engineering, electromechanical machinery, etc. This product can be found on their website with the following number: YD-002P, the rated voltage and current: are of 16A and 250V AC respectively. The materials used to create this product are the following: main plastic material: PC, the clip is PA66, the IP Rating is of IP44, the L/N Metal is brass, the grounding metal is C5191, the L/N/E Terminal is brass, while the tail set is PVC. The wiring screw is SUS 304 and this entire product has been approved by the CE/ROHS.


Products that are waterproof are more important every time because it becomes a need for people. It is more than known that with the gradual increment of modernization, more and more working fields require high quality technology, that is why waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets are increasing in number as well as companies that manufacture and distribute this products. Almost every field would benefit from this very useful trend of technology. Like it was previously mentioned, waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets have very different uses across all the markets, some uses are in LED street lights, LED displays, ship lighthouses, communications engineering, mechanical and electrical machinery. It’s obvious something waterproof would be useful here as there are located on the exterior and the weather can be unpredictable, as well this means that they would be protected in case of rain.


Now we will mention other important features:

1. This product is made with high quality PC and 100% Nickel brass pin.

2. It possess quality certifications: CE and RoHS

3. This product is type: Male Electrical Plug, 2P+E, Grounding.

4. Its Insulation resistance is of >100MΩ and the dielectric intensity: >2000V AC/min