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The Best Manufacturer Of South Africa To EU Adapter

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:03/13/2020

This product that we are going to be talking about in this article which is the “16A South Africa To Germany Plug Adapter” is a new product that has been developed by Yuadon Electric Company. This company is an universal socket supplier with more than 12 years of experience in producing high quality schuko plug adapter, USB quick charger, Wi-Fi smart power plug, and more. They work with professionals researchers and developers to be able to design and manufacture the best products for their consumers.

Like we mentioned the product that we are talking about is a new design of adapter. It is described as an South Africa (Plug Type M) to European Euro EU 2 Round Pin Plug (Type F) Travel Power Adapter Converter Adaptor Plug 250V 16A. This specific product can be bought in black or white to adjust better to the customer liking.

There are various features that make this product and this company stand out of the competition of other South Africa to EU adapter. These will be listed below.

• This adapter is made 100% out of high quality solid brass and the pin is made entirely out of copper. The copper is high-phosphorus which means it has good electrical conductivity.
• The materials used during the production of this items own international certificates, which ensures the quality of the product and as well symbolize that it will last for a long time. Some of the certifications that they have are CE and ROHS.
• On top of that the material made to build the body is flame retardant standard V0, which protects the adapter. The material is also stamp resistance, heat resistant and low temperature resistant.
• Yuadon proud themselves of their high and strict quality control in the production processing of all their products
• Their products are all eco-friendly, durable, portable and safe to use
• They have great customer service as they provide up to one-year guarantee service of all their products


Because of all these characteristics of this products it goes to shows that Yuadon is a very professional  and adequate company and a trustworthy South Africa to EU adapter manufacturers and suppliers located in China.


Their products are able to properly work with a certain type of products. The rated current and voltage of the 16A South Africa To Germany Plug Adapter is of 16A 110~250V 50/60HZ. So with this in mind the customer should also be aware that this charger adapter converts the power outlet only. This means that it shouldn’t be use to charge high power appliances such as hair dryer, straightener or water heater. To be able to properly charge this it  is needed to carry an electrical converter when traveling to other countries with different electrical output.


So this product from this manufacturer is great for any travel or business trip, from people that are from South Africa and are traveling to Europe/Germany,  they are able to use this plug adapter to charge their electrodomestics with no problem.