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The Best Looking US To EU Plug Adapter USB In The Market

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:02/21/2020

It’s more that vital for travelers nowadays to always carry an US To EU Plug Adapter because if they are from North America or South America like from Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and they were to travel to European countries such as France, Germany, Russia, Greece, Netherlands, this is more than necessary to be able to comfortably charge a laptop, cellphone, camera battery.

They are even some products that are better because they come with USB ports to be able to charge more items at the same time. This is the latest addition to this type of innovative yet crucial technological products.

It might be hard to find a company that produces these types of products: which are not only aesthetically pleasing looking but they are made by a trustworthy company with a long trajectory. We have a good example of one which is the company Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd and it was established in 2009 in Huangshi Road Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. They are also known as Yuadon in short. They are a production-oriented company and they combine production, sales, research and development of integrated smart electrical accessories solutions.

They produce a lot of items which vary from functionality, from the list of products they have: high-grade power waterproof socket series, global intelligent travel plug series, micro-power consumption intelligent security WI-FI control socket system, travel conversion plugs and sockets, power outlets, and more.

So let’s talk about the USA To Europe Travel Adapter With 2 USB YUADON. The name of the products are very self-explanatory which makes the user experience of browsing the page for products a very easy and fluid one. The good thing about this company is that the products that they distributed are designed and constructed by them. This guarantees that the product is checked upon and fulfills all the regulations needed to completely satisfied a paying costumer.

To dive into more detail about this product, the material of the body is an environmental friendly and fire retardant PC, with a V0 standard. The metal parts of the plug adapter are solid brass. The interesting aspect of the design on this particular products is the colors that they come into: green, orange, purple and blue, this give the item a more personal feeling and one fitted to younger adults or those adults who doesn’t like plain boring silver electrodomestics.

So with this product you are able to choose from a variety of nice colors to customize the product but also this item has other interesting features like: it has overload protection, anti-ripple current,  short circuit protection, and provides a quick charge.

In terms of the electric features of the US To EU Plug Adapter the rated current is 10 amp, and the rated voltage is of 250 V. both of the USB  outputs are of 5V 2.4A. One thing that this adapter would have better in comparison to the competition is that they are authoritative certificated.