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Read On To Know Everything About The Swiss Waterproof Socket

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:04/22/2020

The industrial waterproof socket is quite different from the sockets commonly used at home. Although its small appearance looks very unremarkable, it is closely related to everyone's safety. The industrial socket is a kind of electrical connection accessory that is widely used in industry. Its installation and usage are very important for people’s safety. In general, industrial plugs are used in conjunction with industrial sockets. They are suitable for various mechanical equipment and power distribution facilities. We will explain in more detail about industrial waterproof sockets in the next paragraphs.

Industrial plugs and sockets used in humid industrial environments are called industrial waterproof plugs and sockets, but they are generally called waterproof sockets, that is to say, waterproof sockets directly refer to industrial plugs and sockets that are waterproof. The basic functions of the waterproof industrial socket and the general industrial socket are the same, but the waterproof industrial socket has one more waterproof material than the general industrial socket when it is manufactured, so that it has a waterproof function. In a humid environment like outdoor, a waterproof industrial socket must be used to ensure normal power supply needs and there is no leakage of electricity.

Normally, the places where need to use the industrial socket are outdoors, so it is inevitable that it will be affected by moisture or rain. If there is much rain, if the waterproof plug and socket are not practical, the industrial plug and socket will easily break. And, it is easy to cause serious electricity accidents due to water gets into the plug and socket. So the waterproofness of the industrial socket is very important, which can more effectively maintain the stability and safety of industrial equipment or facilities.

So how could we choose a good quality industrial waterproof socket in the market?

There is one of leading industrial plug and socket manufacturers in market I would like to recommend: Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. (Yuadon in short). Yuadon has more than 11 years’ experience in manufacturing industrial waterproof sockets, for example, one of their best products: Swiss waterproof socket has already gained CE and ROHS certificates, in regards to the material which they use is superior quality. It is made of super tough PA66 nylon for the housing of the socket and 100% full brass pins.

This Swiss waterproof socket produced by Yuadon is type J, which is suitable to be used in the following countries: Switzerland, Jordan, Madagascar, Rwanda, etc. It is important to note that this product doesn’t come with safety shutter (protection gates), but it is easy to plug in with a quick connection. The Swiss waterproof socket has a very wide application including: medical equipment, network communication cabinet , generator, UPS , lighting, Water treatment plant, to name just a few.

As we mentioned before, Yuadon proud themselves on the high quality of their products. Moreover, being a professional supplier, Yuadon is customer-oriented and also could provide customized service to their customers.