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All you need to know about Power Receptacle and Universal/International Power Adapter

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:01/21/2019
Universal power adapters are different from the power adapters that you get with your notebook. The major difference is that the universal power adapters include a number of tips. Every tip has a fitting that can accommodate a variety of hardware. The vendors utilize different voltages. The different sizes aids in the prevention of connectivity among components that are incompatible. Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. is a universal power adapter manufacturer that produces high-quality adapter which will make your life easier.    
universal power receptacle
There are many notebooks that use different voltage universal power adapters and also different sizes. For instance, Inspiron Minis don’t use that standard size of plug that is used by Dell.  Another point of difference that can be highlighted is that the adapters that get shipped with notebooks only supply voltage on a fixed setting. But with the universal power adapters, the story is different. These adapters have the ability to output various voltages so that the different voltages for various devices can be satisfied.     
The tips have the mechanism of switching. Each tip consists of a sense resistor which is variably resistant to the current that is supplied by the adapter. When the current crosses the path the voltage is dropped by the resistor. The tiny drops of voltage are then led to a comparator circuit which collectively controls from the supply of power the DC output. 

What are Power receptacles?

Before dealing with your new home entertainment project which you will be setting up yourself you need to make sure you have the right connectors, equipment's, cables and lastly storage solutions.  The idea of power receptacle might not pop in your mind immediately but let us assure you that is vital for electrical projects.  The electrical outlet is what is meant by a power receptacle. These are the devices that permit equipment’s which are electrically operated to be linked to the current alternative power supply in a building.    
Let's take an example of your home equipment. There are outlets all over your home that deliver power to the TV and the toaster. The plug is connected with the socket which then distributes power to the object from the main source. 
There is a difference between electrical sockets and plugs. They may differ in the following:
•Current ratings
•Type of connectors
If you are looking for a power receptacle manufacturer Yuadon Electric can help you with that. 

Why are power receptacles important?

The reason why power receptacles are used is that they reduce risks for the users. Even if you accidentally touch it you will not get an electric shock. They provide a level of convenience to the users. The power receptacles that are used today have a lot of safety features that make the lives of the users easier. One of them is that they may have sockets which have blocking shutters.    
Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. also provides international power adapters. You name it, they have it.