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Why you should use Yuadon made NEMA power plug?

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:07/19/2019

Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd is a company that specializes in the making of NEMA power plugs. They make universal power adapters of all sorts and has secure a leading position in making WIFI smart power strips, wholesale power sockets, ice power connectors, and many other electrical appliances. The company Yuadon was established in 2009 and since then they are trying to give people smart end products which make their life easier.
The core products that NEMA connector factory manufacture includes power waterproof socket series, the micropower intelligent global plug series, WIFI control socket series, travel conversion, and power outlets. All of the products that are manufactured in NEMA receptacles factory are approved by many international authoritative certifications. The NEMA power plugs can be used for so many electrical appliances even in gyms, hospitals, sports complexes, homes, and offices. With the extensive range of wall sockets and customized wall sockets, the NEMA power plugs are sold to over 150 countries.

What is NEMA Power plugs?
The NEMA is basically a big industry in the US. It is the main reason why so many companies are now NEMA connector factory or NEMA receptacles factory or both at the same time. With the specific standards that NEMA power plug offers, a lot of other countries are also using them throughout the world. Not only they have specific standards, but they have over 700 records and standards that are proven from many years of research and technical data. That is why they are widely recognized and used internationally. There are basically two types of NEMA power plugs. Let’s have a look:

• Straight blade plugs that are non-locking
• Curved blade plugs that are twist-locking

Both of these types are different but the first one Straight blade plugs that are non-locking has been a popular choice by people as they are easy to insert and pull for everyone. These NEMA power plugs are produced through NEMA connector factory and sold under the impression that they can be used by an average person. The second type is a bit different as you have plug in and then rotate it so that power can connect with any electrical machine or thing. These type of curved blade plugs are designed with twist locking so it doesn’t have the chance of accidental power cut off.

There are bar codes on every NEMA power plug which demonstrate how one can use these, what are the functions of this particular NEMA power plug, is this a connector or receptacle etc. These may seem irrelevant to you, but they are a really good piece of information. In case of an emergency power cut or accidental disconnection, you can do something with the barcode information available on every NEMA power plug. 

A lot of companies are making NEMA power plugs and receptacles these days, but everybody wants to have a product which is safe to use and better in quality. Yuadon has been making NEMA power plugs for many years now and their products have got really good reviews so far so use them.