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Make your home smart with Wifi Smart Socket

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:12/20/2019

A smart home is the upgraded version of a human's home, which takes care of the owner's necessities. A smart home has many features such as USA smart wifi plug connector, voice-controlled light system, wireless home security system, and climate control. To be able to use such wonderful features, one has to invest in the future of their family and make them a smart home. Let's start with some of the obvious benefits of living in a smart home:


Yuadon’s innovative American Wifi Smart Socket has made sockets and plugs smarter. This small plug, available in a variety of colours, gives you more control over your appliances wherever you are, and adds greater electrical safety to your home or office.


The USA smart wifi plug can be controlled by your smartphone-both Android and iOS! It can also be connected with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Using the app control, you can switch it on and off from anywhere through a wifi connection, schedule timings to turn on or off and monitor energy usage. This gives you immense advantages. For example, you can turn off the socket from outside if you forget to turn off your electronic appliances such as your TV, dishwasher etc. With little ones at homes, their safety can be ensured no matter where you are using the app. You can have greater control over your personal finance as the USA smart wifi plug allows you to track the real-time energy usage of any electrical appliance you use with it. This also allows you to make more environmentally friendly energy consumption decisions in your everyday life.


The American Wifi Smart Socket is also excellent for office uses. Multiple desktops can be scheduled to turn on or off at specific timings using just one device. Better time management can be exercises over charging company devices. Employers can control the electrical usage of their offices without having to be present, freeing them of both time and extra electrical costs. Modernizing and upgrading your office with these smart plugs is a must for a more efficient business energy plan.


Schools and universities must invest in this simple, convenient smart plug to save energy on and control classroom appliances. They can be scheduled to turn off when classes are over, or to charge at certain timings. Teachers can save time on setting up their lectures by scheduling to turn on their class material (projector, desktop etc.) before their arrival.


The production of this socket is eco-friendly; strictly quality controlled and comes with a 365 day warrantee! It is a 10A socket suitable to plug directly onto any American electric outlets for use. However, it is not recommended to use high power appliances such as irons, microwaves etc. The product is small, light (weighing only 50g), easily portable, durable and flame-resistant. Yuadon ships these plugs internationally by air, sea or by DHL, FedEx, UPS and EMS, and can be paid for over T/T or Paypal.


YuaDon gives a convenient, safe and efficient solution, ready to order for smarter electrical usage.