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Look At This High Quality Australian Waterproof Socket

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:03/20/2020

The Yuadon product that we will be talking about in particular is the one that goes by the name of Super Tough Universal Outdoor Waterproof Switch Power Socket Floor Waterproof Outlet. This product  is also considered as an Australian waterproof socket because of its socket style which can be US/Europe/AUS type (which correspond to Type A, Type B, Type I), the model number is YD-54 and its rated voltage and current are the following: 10A 250V AC.

This product has the following materials: the housing material is PA66 nylon and the metal material is solid copper. The protection degree is IP44 which makes this product a waterproof socket IP44. This product comes in the colors black and blue and weigh 56 grams a piece and it has the following international quality certifications: CCC/CE/ROHS.

The 10A IP44 Waterproof Chinese USA Europe Electrical Power Outlet Socket Receptacle for Industrial Generator Industrial Socket has children protection which is a great feature to have so that the clients that have children won’t need to be in constant worry were this product is left.

As it was mentioned before this socket combines the next types: Type A, Type C and Type I. The Insulation Resistance of this product is of ≥5MΩ and its Electric strength is AC 2000V 50HZ.

This product has a round spring cover, as well as a waterproof and dust proof cover, that is able to give a full protection of the socket as well as all the other plug-in devices. This product is able to be used in electronic cabinets and other industrial applications.

There are a lot of benefits that this product has that makes better than other products from competitors of Yuadon. Some of the advantages of the Super Tough Universal Outdoor Waterproof Switch Power Socket Floor Waterproof Outlet are going to be listed:

1. The product has all the metal parts being out of a 100% full copper pin, this makes the product more trustworthy and it will last longer as it is a high quality material.

2. All of Yuadon’s products have international certificates of quality. In this case the outlet has CCC, CE and ROHS certifications, this ensure that the quality of the product is high.

3. Yuadon’s have a very high and strict quality control in the production processing of all of their products, which makes all of their products better than others on the market. This can be said because of all the quality certifications that were mentioned before.

4. Yuadon proud themselves because their products fit in the categories of being eco-friendly, durable, safe to use and more importantly they are very portable thanks to the small sizing of them.

5. Even though Yuadon manufactures the highest quality products they want to provide comfort to their buyers and that is why they provide one-year guarantee service on all of their products.