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Industrial NEMA Plug: An Important Product To Have

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:03/23/2020

This product designed and manufactured by Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. (Yuadon in short) goes by the full name of NEMA l14-30p generator power plug reliance controls twist lock plug 30-amp 125/250-volt plug l1430p. As the name suggests it is an industrial NEMA plug that has a rated current: 30a and a rated voltage of 110~240v. The wiring scheme is of 3 pole with 4 wire grounding and the item is identified as a twist-lock plug.


This NEMA l14-30 connector is perfect to be utilized as a power extension cord plug for household backup generators.

In regards of the visual aspects of this product the blade holder material is gray polycarbonate while the terminal retainer material is clear polycarbonate. The housing material is black nylon as well as the cord clamp material. The only thing different are the pin that are made out of brass. All of this materials are of high quality and are very resistant to nature forces which guarantees a long function life of the product.


There are a lot of impressive features that make Yuadon’s industrial NEMA plug products stand out from the rest of the competition, and those will be listed below:

1. This industrial NEMA plug product is made out of American DuPont nylon and with the pin out of 100% full brass.

2. The materials used are of very high quality and they are able to withstand a lot of impact like effectively resists damage from high falls, abrasion and chemicals.

3. All of Yuadon’s products are preferred by customers because of the high quality certifications that they possess, this include UL and CSA certificates. The  UL file number of this product is e350413, and its standard is UL 498.

4. The ratings of this power plug are: 30a ,125/250v, ac 60hz; and it’s a type: 3p+e.

5. A  more technical definition of this product is that it has an electrical twist lock plug and a cable mount plug.

6. The terminal accept that is accepted with this products are: 14/3, 12/3, 10/3 AWG size conductors.

7. This product has good strain relief (cord GRIF range):0.375"-1.156".

8. The most important feature about the NEMA l14-30p is that it is a power generator power plug which can be used for industrial devices only, like: household backup generators and on racks of power amplifiers in large audio systems. It is not recommended to be used for home appliances.

We recommend Yuadon as the company to acquire all and every type of plug, because they are considered an universal socket supplier thanks to its more than 12 years of experience on the market, producing high quality products, such as schuko plug adapter, USB quick charger, Wi-Fi smart power plug, just to name some of the most popular. They proud themselves for always having a professional group of researchers that are constantly investigating and developing the best products for all of their consumers.

On top of that as it was mentioned before Yuadon has an strict quality control system, that is able to ensure that all the products are made out of the highest quality possible and that they are safe to use. They adopt superior raw materials, such as PH66 Dupont Nylon, H62 Brass for the best working products possible.