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IEC Power Connectors and their Benefits

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:04/23/2019

An outlet is a source from which something comes out of. Power comes out of a power outlet that is why it is called a power outlet. Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. is a power outlet manufacturer which produces high-end products for its customers. As the company is certified and meets the international standards it is suitable to pick Yuadon for all types of electrical necessities.

UK power outlet adapter

The UK power outlet adapters supply 220-240V. You can easily get these UK power outlet adapters from Yuadon. If you plug in devices in adapters which are not used to that specific voltage power then you might end up roasting your devices. For convenience always use the type G power plugs and sockets. The frequency used in the UK is 50 Hz so use appliances which match this frequency. Special care should be taken with devices that rotate such as shavers, clocks, electric fans etc. Yuadon is a company that addresses all your needs.

IEC power connector

IEC power connectorsare for households and other purposes of a similar nature. IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission.  It specifies interconnection couplers and non-locking appliances for the purpose of connecting electrical appliances through cords of voltage that does not exceed 250V. The rated current should not exceed 16A. The IEC connectors are of different types varying is shapes and sizes. They are specified for temperature, current, and other requirements. The connectors are not coded for voltage. It is the duty of the person using these connectors to make sure that the equipment matches the supply. 

IEC Types:

  • C1/C2:It is for electrical appliances such as shavers and trimmers.
  • C5/C6: It is recognized as a cloverleaf. It is used in small electrical appliances for example projectors.
  • C7/C8: It is used in personal stereos and laptop models that are old.
  • C13/C14: This IEC connector is used for larger appliances such as amplifiers, computer hard drives, and kitchen appliances.  
  • C15/C16:This type is specifically used for electric kettles. They are suitable for this task as they are known as hot condition coupler with a high-temperature rating.
  • C15A/C16A: This one is similar to C16 and C15 but is valued for high temperature.
  • C17/C18: This unearthed power connector is used in audio applications as it provides audio quality.
  • C19/C20: Suitable for high current applications, for example, power distribution units and uninterruptible power supply.

Benefits of IEC power connectors

There are a lot of benefits that can be gained when following IEC standards such as:

  • As the IEC is a common connector interface it makes it easier to specify a connector for use on a cord set with country-specific plug.
  • It provides a standard framework for working on testing and product design. It also leads to the prevention of improper connections. A uniform connector is used for similar voltages thus providing a safe connection.
  • The IEC standards are accepted worldwide although some countries add deviations as per their national requirements the base is provided by IEC standards.