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High Quality NEMA L14-30 Connector for Power Generators

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:06/16/2020

Today, we would like to recommend one of the superior quality electrical accessories: NEMA L14-30 connector manufactured by Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. (Yuadon in short), which is a leading plug and connector factory in China. Their NEMA L14-30 connector has international certifications that can be used for power backup generators and amplifiers. The NEMA L14-30 connector is using the nylon black material on the outside giving a firm grip to the handlers. The generator power plug boasts of some amazing features and like all other products manufactured by Yuadon, this is also one of those high quality manufactured products that comes with one year quality guarantee. Some of the features about this NEMA L14-30 connector are:
• L14-30P NEMA Configuration
• 250V AC Voltage
• Comes only in black color
• Blade is purely made of brass
• ROHS Compliant
• Made from American Dupont nylon
• Impact resistant body from chemicals, abrasion, and severe impact.
• It has a type 3P+E with a rating of 30A, 125/250V and 60 HZ.

These NEMA L14-30 connectors are manufactured in bulk and the quality is maintained throughout the production to ensure customer satisfaction. Let us take a look into the technical aspects of their NEMA L14-30 connector manufacturing and how the raw material is assembled to help guarantee it for one year period.
• The plug uses a twist lock.
• The wiring scheme is 3 pole with a 4 wire grounding.
• The voltage is 250v AC.
• The blade holder material is made out of Gray Polycarbonate.
• The terminal retainer is made from Clear Polycarbonate.
• The housing and cord clamp is made from nylon black.
• Amperage of 30 Amp
• The blade is made of pure brass.
• The terminal screw is made of #10-32 solid brass and ground screw from #10-32 green brass.
• It’s flammability is HB or better per UL 94.
• It can operated in temperatures ranging between a minimum of -40 C without impact to a maximum of 75 C.
• The electric twist lock plug and the cable mount plug has a male gender.
• The strain relief is 0.375”-1.156” DIA.
• The terminal accepts 14/3,12/3, and 10/3 AWG size conductors.
• The ratings are 30A, 125/250V, AC 60HZ with a type 3P+E.
• A couple of certifications for this product are given by UL and CSA with a UL file number being E350413.
• These NEMA L14-30 connectors are used either for backup generators or on power amplifiers in audio systems.

The entire manufacturing process of designing, prototyping, beta versioning, and production is all done under the same roof by using quality grade material for production that gives an impact resistant product which resists damage from chemicals, severe impact or abrasion. Apart from this NEMA L14-30 connector, there are many other relative electrical accessories products that are manufactured by Yuadon which follow the same methodology of design, development and quality control. All these quality guaranteed products produced by Yuadon have international certifications which makes Yuadon the leading position in the plug and socket manufacturing industry. For more information about Yuadon’s plugs and sockets, please view their website: