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Fast Charge Your Device Using An UK to Australian Plug Adapter

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:06/12/2020

Traveling or business trip has become an integral part of our lives. Some people need to travel frequently to other countries. Many of them use laptops for their work during their business trip or traveling. One of the most annoying issues is their laptop plug that can’t be connected to the sockets when they are abroad. Each country has a set standard and users face difficulties when traveling to other countries. Travelers for business or pleasure often find it very inconvenient that their charger pin doesn’t fit the available charge point, especially for a laptop. A plug adapter is very essential for frequent travelers when they go abroad, for example, when they travel to Australia from UK. Here, I would like to recommend a trust-worthy supplier of UK to Australian plug adapter: Yuadon, a professional plug and connector manufacturer based in China. To fix that issue, Yuadon offers high quality plug adapters that overcome this issue you will face during traveling.

Yuadon’s UK to Australian plug adapters are durable, portable, and safe to use, eco-friendly and come with good aftersales service. Some of the important aspects of their UK to Australian plug adapter concerning features and other related details are below:
• Internationally certified for production
• Production includes strict quality control
• It supports 10A 250V AC current
• Comes in white and black colors, customized color is also available
• Has a CE/ROHS approval
Yuadon also provides 1 year quality guarantee to ensure their product quality. Some of the technical aspects that this UK to Australian plug adapter are:
• The plug adapter is made of 100% solid copper.
• The socket style is for a Type G UK plug.
• The plug style is for a Type A/I in US/ AUS.
• Its durable, eco-friendly and portable.

Every piece of Yuadon’s products is backed by certifications to manufacture and ship globally. Every product has numerous number of models and each model has a massive number of daily production. Some of the certifications are given by TUV:SUD for manufacturing, China certification center for design, development, production and after sales service for power plugs, travel adapters, smart plug sockets, DEU Technology Testing Co., Ltd. for compliance of maintaining manufacturing standards for a said number of models in a product. 

These UK to Australian plug adapters are manufactured in bulk and need to be ordered in bulk as well after a sample has been received. These are manufactured by highly experienced staff from a professional factory-Yuadon with more than 11 years in manufacturing and exporting relevant products like electric plug sockets, travel conversion plugs & sockets, global intelligent travel plugs, and micro power consuming intelligent security WIFI control sockets, to name a few. Every part and portion of manufacturing these products like the logo, packaging, color combinations and molding are all done from scratch to exporting them globally. Feel free to contact Yuadon’s sales team for more information about their UK to Australian plug adapters or get a live quotation.