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Types of Electrical Plugs That Can Be Installed in Your Home or Office

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:08/12/2019

If you are interested in upgrading the electrical plugs in your home or office, then this blog post will definitely help you. Here in this article, we will share the details of the best electrical plugs that you can install, including 20 amp electrical plug, USB outlet, smart plug, etc. Moreover, we will also share the best 30 amp plug manufacturers. Let’s have a look at the types of electrical plugs.

1. 20 amp electrical plug
20 amp electrical plugs are specially designed for power-hungry devices. Users can use a 20 amp electrical plug for heavy-power devices without any breaker tripping because it can handle 25% more load as compared to other plugs. 20 amp electrical plugs are commonly used in kitchens, garages, and laundry rooms as most power-hanging devices are situated in these places. This type of electrical plug comprises of three prongs. A small notch is also added to the left-side prong.  So whenever you want to select a 20 amp plug, make sure to look for this small notch.

2. USB outlets
Advanced technology has made possible the integration of USB ports into the electrical plugs. USB outlets have made the life of users much easy. Users don’t need to look for USB ports somewhere else as they can get it in their electrical plug. Here it must be kept in mind that all plug manufacturers do not manufacture USB ports. You will be glad to know that Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co, Ltd deals in USB plugs. You can get a variety of USB outlets from their website. You can charge your mobile phone, headphone, or other devices with the help of USB plugs. These plugs have the capacity to charge your devices at a fast speed. Isn’t it great?

3. Smart outlets
If you desire to operate your electrical devices from far-off places, then the smart outlet is the right choice for you. These outlets are similar in appearance to regular plugs, but they can be operated with a smartphone. It means users can easily turn on/off a small device if they have installed a smart outlet in their home or office. You don’t need to manually switch on/off an electrical device as you can perform this task with your smartphone. No matter whether you are in your office, restaurant, or park, you can easily operate your electrical devices from distant places.

4. Generator plugs
Generator plugs are designed to handle 10 gauge, 3-wire, 2-pole, 30 amp power cord at 125/250 volts. These plugs are made with copper parts along with long-lasting nylon plastic construction, so they can last for several years. You need to look for a reliable generator plug factory to buy the best generator plugs. At Yuadon, plug hardware distributors or wholesalers can find the top-rated generator plugs. All of their plugs are certified with UL and sold with one year guarantee. This generator plug factory uses strict quality control during the manufacturing process.