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Best UK Power Plug Adapters

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:10/16/2019

If you are planning to travel to the United Kingdom, then you need to carry all the essential things with you. When we talk about mandatory things, then the UK power plug adapter comes first in the list. It’s because you won’t be able to charge your cell phone or laptop if you don’t possess a UK power outlet adapter. After all, you can’t afford a dead laptop battery when you have an important business presentation. In the same manner, you cannot remain away from your cell phone when you are on a trip.

These days, the majority of things have become digital. For instance, you can easily book a hotel or taxi via the internet by using your cell phone. But what if your phone battery is dead and you don’t have UK power plug adapter to charge it. Here it must be kept in mind that buying an international power adapter before a journey is much economical than purchasing on the ground. You can purchase it for different gadgets, from a sole UK power outlet adapter for smartphone, laptops, and cameras to all-in-one international power adapter with numerous parts to charge many gadgets simultaneously rather than charging one gadget at a time.

The plugs in the UK are quite different from the rest of the countries. They have 3 flat, long prongs versus 2 or 3 round prongs of Europe and 2 flat prongs of the United States. UK power plug adapter is sold in various types, including both basic and long-lasting adapters. Here it is important to state that international power adapter can be used all around the world, including the UK, US, Australia, and Europe. We have detailed research to share with you a list of best UK power plug adapters. Let’s have a look at our list.

1. International Travel Adapter Universal With Type C Fast Charge USB
This international power adapter comes with 4 types plug in one. Users can use this travel adapter for around 140+ countries and it is compact in size to be easily carried during a trip. This universal travel adapter is fully approved with FCC CE ROHS and provides safety to users. Its USB outlet has 4.5 A SV direct current and 6A 250V alternating current.

2. Worldwide Travel Adapter with Case UK/AUS/USA/EURO Power Plug Socket
This worldwide travel adapter has a sleek compact design with 2 USB ports. It can be used in 150+ countries and provide fast charging with its 250V AC, 10A power rating.

3. All-in-One Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port EURO UK AUS USA Adapter
This all-in-one travel adapter can be used worldwide and has a special CE ROHS approved design. It comes with 2 USB ports with minimum 2.5A output. Its built-in safety shutters will safeguard users from any electric shocks.

4. Universal Travel Adapter 4 Multi USB Port Charger
This universal travel adapter has 4 USB ports and 5A output. It is certified with FCC CE ROHS to provide safety to users.
All these travel adapters can be purchased from Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co, Ltd and they come with 365 days guarantee.