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Why Does Australia Have Different Plugs?

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:10/22/2018

A universal socket supplier and any person who has traveled abroad knows that each country has their own different plugs and sockets. But one thing that is on people minds is why has Australia have such different plugs to the point travelers need an Australian power plug adapter just so they can plug in their USB quick charger.

The reason for that is for a variety of technical reasons but also economic too.

Australian power plug

The birth of the idea of Australian power plug adapter

A lot of people don't know this but the Australian design for plugs is based on the old US plug and socket system. We can see this because the early electrical devices that came from the US were closer (and therefore cheaper) for the Australian government to import. There was a substantial difference in prices when compared to the UK at that time.

Supply Australian power plug adapter

While Australia was getting their supplies from the US at the time, they were actually pioneering their own plugs like wifi smart power plug as well. It's for this reason why Australia today doesn't have the typical 120volt plugs that the US has today. Instead, they have the 240 voltage, but also have found a way to make them cheap for them to make. And thus the need for travelers to buy an Australian power plug adapter became real.

In short, it made sense for Australia to make their own plugs like wifi smart power plug their way. It cut costs (seeing as there is fewer fuses, metal, and are lighter than UK plugs) and doesn't diminish quality. It's a no-brainer that each country would make their own plugs and sockets. It's why there is a demand for a universal socket supplier. So they can make universal adapters, but also have USB quick charger capabilities and the like.

But Why Haven't They Changed their plugs?

Now that you know, that still doesn't explain much as to why they are still using that, forcing travelers to buy an Australian power plug adapter. After all, many countries are starting to shift their plugs to more commonly used plugs and sockets in various parts of the world. There was also the time where so many were using British standard plugs.

Well barring the fact that other countries are still forcing travelers to buy universal socket supplier issued plugs (with maybe USB quick charger capabilities) some other reasons are as simple as they could make whatever plug they liked.

At the time of plug and socket creation (1920s-1930s) many countries were under British rule. Hence those countries had to follow British standards. Once they became free, they did what they wanted.

But why some of those countries are changing to more commonly used plugs mainly boils down to traveling. In areas where there is more tourism, countries are slowly warming up to the idea of having plugs and sockets that are more compatible with other plugs around the world. That being said, it’s clearly taking a while for many countries to warm up to this idea and Australia is one of those countries.

Until then, get an Australian power plug adapter (and USB quick charge capabilities if need be) and use that when you travel.

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