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Advantages of NEMA L14-30 Connector Plug

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:06/11/2020

Are you thinking of getting a NEMA L14-30 connector plug? Not sure if it is the right plug for your industrial equipment? This short guide was curated just for you. We compiled this article from some of the recurring questions we have had from our customers. So, we are positive it will help you too. Check it out!

As one of the leading plugs and connectors manufacturers from China, Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd. (Yuadon in short) has rich experience in producing superior quality NEMA L14-30 connector plugs. There are many benefits of Yuadon's NEMA L14-30 connector plugs. In this section, let us take a close look at the below top 4 benefits of using this Yuadon’s NEMA L14-30 connector plugs.


Unbeatable Quality

Firstly, quality is an exceptional point  to look out for when purchasing electrical products. Yuadon’s NEMA L14-30 connector plug is made of unbeatable quality materials. The body is made of American Dupont nylon and the pin is made of 100% brass. So, you have no need to worry about the quality. We got you covered!

Highly Resistant to Damages

Being a leading plug and connector manufacturer and exporter for over 11 years in the industry, Yuadon has got a boatload of loyal customers from both home and aboard.
Yuadon’s NEMA L14-30 connector plug together with other plug and connector products are durable and high grade safe to use. They are highly resistant to damage. Fortified to withstand every sudden hit. You can’t accidentally separate it. Neither can you accidental pull out the cord. This feature makes it perfect for high traffic areas too. Furthermore, it is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. You should totally give it a try!

Widely-Recognized Certification

This is yet another important factor smart distributors will look out for while buying electrical products. With that in mind, Yuadon ensures that NEMA L14-30 connector plug has already gained many widely-recognized certifications such as UL or CUL certificates.

Widely Application

Generally, NEMA L14-30 connector plugs are mainly applied for industrial devices, such as household backup generators and power amplifiers in large audio systems. This type of connector plug features heavy-duty construction for top performance in the environmental extremes of both indoor and outdoor.

Where can you get qualified NEMA L14-30 connector plugs?

Now, you know what NEMA L14-30 power connector plug could offer and which is the trust-worthy supplier for your to choose. Let’s save you the trouble of sieving through countless manufacturers on the internet. As one of the top professional plugs and connectors manufacturers and exporters, Yuadon could provide high quality NEMA L14-30 connector plugs with nice design and reasonable price to be outfitted to everyone who services or installs electrical and electronic equipment. Besides the standard products, Yuadon also can provide customized plugs and connectors according to customers’ specific requirements. Should you have further question or any inquiry about Yuadon’s NEMA L14-30 connector plug, please feel free to contact Yuadon’s sales team.