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  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:12/05/2020

Installing an outdoor socket can be tricky, to keep your devices secure, you need to buy reliable sockets from the leading waterproof socket manufacturers. In modern times people use machines and different appliances to make their life convenient and to cope up with the race against time. For plugging various devices outdoors, waterproof socket and switches are a great addition to an outdoor space. Whether they are used to plug in different lights to create a peaceful ambiance or simply a washer to clean a car, waterproof sockets can come in handy and prove to be a lifesaver at times.


GuangzhouYuadon Electric Co. Ltd has established itself as a leader in the “plug ad socket industry” in China since its establishment in 2009. The company has taken over the plug and socket industry by storm by establishing its customer base in 100 different countries across the world, and it also has established fruitful partnerships with well-known international companies such as SHELL, Phillips, DHL, Tissot, etc. The company has an extensive product portfolio which includes travel plug series, WIFI control socket system, power outlets, etc.


If you are on the lookout for a waterproof outdoor socket that is reliable as well compatible with different plug shapes, then the YD-54 Universal outdoor switch should be your top pick. The waterproof socket is fabricated by using PA66 Nylon, and the pin is made up of 100% full copper thus making it environment friendly. Since the YD-54 is an outdoor water-proof socket, so it is equipped with features to ensure a safe experience. The socket comprises a built-in safety shutter that guarantees child protection. Children often insert objects into one opening of sockets, but the safety shutter ensures maximum security as both the prongs need to be pressed with the same pressure to complete an electrical circuit. So when an object is inserted in only one opening, so the safety shutter does not open thus the electric circuit is not complete, preventing any fatal incident. The YD-54 is also equipped with a round spring cover that delivers full protection for the socket and the plugin devices, by keeping them dustproof as well as waterproof. The product is ideal for installing in the backyard as it is CCC, CE and ROHS certified and it is rated IPP 44, which signifies that it is resistant to extreme weather conditions and is also rust ad corrosion-free. The YD-54 is ideal for use in the bathroom, Generator industry, petroleum, and chemical industry, as it caters to devices requiring high voltage and it also has an insulation resistance of 5 ohms, which provides an s assurance in case of any mishap. The product is compatible for use in different countries as it caters to different socket types such as TYPE A, TYPE Cand TYPE I as well. TYPE A is used in Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the USA. TYPE C is used in South America, Asia, and Europe whereas TYPE I is generally used in Argentina, New Zealand, China, and Australia thus making it the top choice of our customers. The water-proof socket passes through strict quality testing during the production process, making it durable, and it comes with a one-year guarantee.