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NEMA power plug socket supplier

  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:11/28/2020

Yuadon, a wall socket, international power adapter, and IEC power connector manufacturing company and it has introduced NEMA power plug socket supplier. It has one goal and that is to take technology as the core value and manufacture products that ensure its customers the maximum efficiency and performance. The company has been manufacturing a variety of products since its establishment in 2009.

NEMA power plug socket is a product from Yuadon and is specially manufactured for industrial use. In addition to being a high-quality product, these power plug sockets are very safe to use. 

Features of NEMA power plug socket supplier:

The following are some of the main features of the NEMA power plug sockets supplier.

Temperature resistant.

The NEMA power plug sockets are highly temperature resistant and will not have any damage in extreme temperatures. The maximum temperature it can bear is 75 degrees and the minimum temperature it can easily resist is -45 degrees


One of the best features, which makes it a high demand product of the company is its impact-resistant quality. It can easily prevent any damage from any severe impacts, abrasions, and hazardous chemicals. This will ensure the long life of this power plug socket.


The material used for the manufacturing of these power plug sockets is 100% brass. That is why it can provide maximum conductivity. The material used for their upper cover manufacturing is American Dupont nylon.


Like any other product of the company, these power sockets are also very durable and reliable. You can trust them in any type of industrial work, and these are going to stay with you for a long time.

Rated current and voltage.

When it comes to rated current and voltage in industrial work, the NEMA power plug socket supplier is the best in the business and can fulfill your needs. The rated amperes and voltage it provides are 15A to 125 volts respectively.

Benefits of NEMA power plug sockets:

After looking at the main features of the NEMA power plug sockets supplier, now we will talk about some of the many benefits of these power plug sockets.

Provide you maximum safety.

Often, we hear about fire accidents during industrial work. For preventing such incidents, you can use these power plug sockets with NEMA configuration. These power plug sockets are going to provide extra safety from flammable gases and other chemicals.

Help you save in terms of money.

The NEMA power plug sockets supplier is a cost-effective option. They can greatly reduce the wastage of energy and, hence, you can save a lot in terms of electric bills. These are also very efficient in preventing the disconnection of energized plugs which can damage the machinery.

Fast and easy to use.

Yuadon is very conscious that their products should be user friendly and easy to use. And they have made this product keeping the same thing in mind. This power plug socket 

Can help you increase work productivity.

In industry work, the main goal of every owner is to increase the productivity of the work. These power plug sockets are best in that. They are very reliable and prevent any possible power break which can affect the productivity of the work.


· Guaranteed protection from environmental hazards.

· These are very reliable and portable.


Industry work needs some extra precautions. To ensure the safety of the labor, the NEMA power plug socket is going to be a perfect product.