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  • source:Yuadon
  • Date:12/05/2020

A Brazil plug should be on the top of your travel list if you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Brazil. When traveling, your laptops and phone must remain charged so you can capture the beautiful moments and make long-lasting memories. A power plug adapter helps to ensure that one can charge their electrical appliances safely while traveling abroad.


Guangzhou Yuadon company limited was established in China in 2009 as a “Power Receptacle Manufacturer”. At YUADON we manufacture an extensive line of products ranging from IEC power connectors, wholesale wall sockets, power adapters, and so on. With its rigorous effort, the company has established its customer base in 150 different countries across the globe, and it has emerged as a leader in the” plug and socket industry”. At YUADON, we have a customer-centric approach, and we aim to provide our customers with high-end quality products that are within the reach of a common man. The company has passed the strenuous verification of  “Intellectual Property Management Standard”, which has added to our value and made us one of the most reputable firms in the market. At YUADON we have a team of highly trained professionals who are present at our customer’s back and call and respond within 30 minutes in case of an emergency, thus delivering great customer satisfaction.

 In Brazil, there are only two types of plugs type C and type N. If you are an avid traveler then a power plug adapter is your number one necessity especially if you are traveling abroad, so you can charge your devices with ease. At Yuadon, One of the company’s top-selling power plug adapter is the YD-7 brazil to UK power plug adapter. The brazil plug is manufactured using ABS material with 100% full copper pin, thus making it eco-friendly. The power plug adapter is exemplary for people traveling from the United States and European countries to the United Kingdom.  The Brazil plug supports a voltage of 250 VOLTS and delivers a current of 13 AMPERE which is ideal for Brazil. When purchasing a power plug adapter, a person’s main concern is security since most of their appliances are going to be plugged into the socket so a traveler needs something which they can rely upon so the YD-7 is CE and ROHS certified, thus providing them the assurance that their electrical appliances won’t be harmed at the end. The main function of a travel adapter is that it simply allows its user to plug any electrical appliances into a foreign electrical socket. Likewise, the YD-7 converts a 2 pin   (TYPE C) and 3 pins (TYPE N)  into a UK 3 pin plug so the user can easily plug in their appliances without worrying about the plug shape. The Brazil plug has a US socket type and a 3 pin (TYPE G ) plug type. The brazil plug is small in size, thus making it portable, and it is available in 2 different colors black and white with a one-year guarantee.