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Benefits of Using 20 AMP Electrical Plug Over 15 AMP Electrical Plug

  • source:yuadon
  • Date:07/19/2019

You can add electrical plugs at your home or workplace with a different amp. For instance, you can either add a 20 amp electrical plug or a 15 amp electrical plug. Some people think that these two types of plugs work the same, but in reality, it is not true. These two plugs differ from each other that’s why the industrial plug and socket suppliers sell them as separate products. Here in this article, we will see how a 20 amp electrical plug is better than a 15 amp electrical plug.

You can add several power strips to the existing electrical circuit lines. Ultimately, you will require an extra line otherwise your current line will be overloaded. In case of overloading, you have to unplug electrical machinery until your line is no more overloaded. In case of the worst scenario, your circuit breaker will malfunction, resulting in overheating the wires which may catch fire, particularly in an old house with compromised wiring.

You may prefer using less electrical appliances to avoid overloading your existing lines. But there is no need to compromise your family needs when you have the opportunity to use a 20 amp electrical plug.

Benefits of using a 20 amp electrical plug

Majority of the people use a 15 amp electrical plug in their home. A 15 amp electrical plug contains 1 round hole and 2 parallel rectangular slots. Almost all the electrical appliances utilize this kind of outlet. On the other hand, a 20 amp electrical plug has a T-shaped slot in place of 2 rectangular slots in order to distinguish it from a 15 amp electrical plug. It would not be wrong to say that 20 amp plugs are only utilized for higher powered appliances. Furthermore, you can also add several 15 amp lines to a 20 amp current line with no tripping of the circuit breaker. It’s because the power usage of all individual outlets do not go beyond 15 amps. A 20 amp electrical line provides more spaces to plug in your electrical appliances without any circuit overload. You will be happy to know that the process of adding electrical plugs is the same whether you want to add a 15 or 20 amp electrical plug.

Benefits of WIFI smart power plug

WIFI smart power plug comes in all sizes and shapes, and are sold at various prices. These plugs can make your life easy in addition to saving your money and time. A smart plug is a device that connects your device with the ordinary electrical outlet. So, there is no need to plug in your television or coffee maker into the wall outlet as you can plug them into the WIFI smart power plug. These plugs allow you to automatically switch on/off the home appliances such as kettles, coffee maker, etc. Now there is no need to manually switch off the heater or iron as these devices will automatically shut-off once they get warm. You can buy all sorts of WIFI smart power plugs from Guangzhou Yuadon Electric Co., Ltd.

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